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Fleet Vehicles

Flexible vehicle park to meet customer needs 365 days a year.

Transport fleet flexible to the customer needs 365 days a year. 

Our transport fleet is composed by: 

  • 80 road tractors of the latest generation, Euro VI diesel fuel and LNG (Methane). 
  • 90 trailers in steel (tank code L4BH) all insulated. The capacities vary from 33.000 Lt to 35.000 Lt. Part of them, multi and mono compartment, is authorized to transport dangerous goods (ADR). All of them have the possibility of being heated either by steam or electrically.
  • 70 Tank containers of 26.000 Lt and respectively 35.000 Lt.
  • 40 chassis for tank containers.
  • 02 Road trains with multi compartments tankers and flow meters, used in specific works.

    All vehicles are able to deliver the products independently being equipped with their own hoses and various fittings.

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