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Equipment, punctuality, safety, high service level and quality in the respect for people and environment.

Donati Spedition was born in 2014 from over 30 years experience of his founder Danilo Donati in the specific activity in national and international transport of liquid chemical products, under ADR and not, with tankers and tank containers.

Thanks to his know-how and his experience, is aimed at providing transport and logistic solutions, turning attention to the customer satisfaction.

We dedicate passion, energy and resources for constant innovation and competitiveness. Born to answer the request of particular transports as glue aria-expanded latex, thanks to its experience gained and its customers' trust, in a few years, the company grows up in revenue and human resources.

Nowadays Donati Spedition is present in all over Europe with specialised transport services.

We want to gain a leader position in the specific field "glue-latex" in Italy e in Europe. The strengths' are equipment, punctuality , high service level, safety of delivered products, quality in the respect for people and environment.

Our Staff

Danilo Donati  <br/><small>CEO</small><br/>

Danilo Donati

Alex Solaroli

Alex Solaroli

Traffic Officer / Agency Officer

Giuseppe Ardissone<br/><small>Sales Manager </small><br/>

Giuseppe Ardissone
Sales Manager

Valentina Donati<br/><small>Supplier Officer </small><br/>

Valentina Donati
Supplier Officer

Elisa Donati <br/><small>Invoicing Officer</small><br/>

Elisa Donati
Invoicing Officer

Margherita Fenati<br /><small>Administrative Officer</small>

Margherita Fenati
Administrative Officer

Marko Korolija<br/><small>Traffic Operator </small><br/>

Marko Korolija
Traffic Operator

Elena Cherneiko<br /><small>Traffic Operator</small>

Elena Cherneiko
Traffic Operator

Andrea Bertaccini<br /><small>Traffic Operator</small>

Andrea Bertaccini
Traffic Operator

Abdelghani El Karmouchi<br /><small>Data Control Operator </small>

Abdelghani El Karmouchi
Data Control Operator

Michaela Rubini<br/><small>Front-Office and Staff Assistant</small><br/>

Michaela Rubini
Front-Office and Staff Assistant

Claudia De Tullio<br /><small>Accounting Operator</small>

Claudia De Tullio
Accounting Operator

Biancamaria Miserocchi<br /><small>Accounting Operator</small>

Biancamaria Miserocchi
Accounting Operator